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Jerry Earnhart


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Toot the Horn!

My Dad once told me that "He who toots not his own horn, the same shall not be tooted".

Over the past twenty-two years, I have had the opportunity to be associated with local, state and national associations of real estate professionals involved in the management and ownership of apartment communities and others that provide products and services to this industry. As a member of the Apartment Association of Tarrant County, the Texas Apartment Association and the National Association, I have been recognized for my service to these organizations over the years. However, this past year has been very special for my family and myself. Although I am very proud to have received this recognition, I am very humbled to have been so honored by my peers.

To all my fellow association members: You are my dearest friends. You have given me the honor of your fellowship, your friendship and most importantly your support.

God Bless You All,
Jerry and Bea Earnhart


I think that in all of us there is a desire to leave one's "mark" on the short time that we have here on earth. To be remembered as a person that was honest and loved God, his family, his profession, life, and his friends is a worthwhile legacy for everyone.

The Apartment Association of Tarrant County established the Jerry Earnhart Distinguished Service Award this year and I was honored to present the award to it's first recipient, Mr. Dan Odom.

Apartment Association of Tarrant County
Dimensions Magazine
August 2000 Issue

Special Recognition Honors Special Person
By John Mitchell

The Apartment Association's Executive Committee has established a new special recognition in celebration of the new millennium to recognize outstanding commitment to and participation in Apartment Association programs, special projects and initiatives over an extended period of time. The Jerry Earnhart Distinguished Service Award has been named in honor of the Association's 1984-1985 President, Jerry Earnhart. "In my opinion," said AATC President Terry Jones, "and in the opinion of many, many others, Jerry epitomizes the level of commitment, determination, style and grace required to excel in our competitive work environment. Jerry's long-standing loyalty and distinguished service to the multifamily housing industry has been recognized several times in years past. Among others, Jerry is the recipient of AATC's Silver Anniversary Award in 1993. Most recently, Jerry received the Texas Apartment Association's Jennette Hunnicutt Distinguished Service Award in May 2000, from TAA President and AATC Past President Tom Day.

Consideration for the Jerry Earnhart Distinguished Service Award will include recipients that have demonstrated exemplary leadership skills, the highest in ethical standards, as well as an unselfish dedication to the mission and objectives of the Association. Recipients will have been members in good standing of the Apartment Association throughout their tenure of service to the multifamily housing industry within AATC's service area.

Texas Apartment Association


Tom Day, my long time friend and Past President of the Texas Apartment Association and my self receiving the Jennette Hunnicutt Distinguished Service Award.
May 18, 2000



Jerry with Dan Odom
The first recipient of the Jerry Earnhart Distinguished Service Award


Terry Jones, the President of AATC
Dan and I


It was indeed an honor for me to
present this award to a good
friend and long time leader
of AATC.

I am already excited about
presenting next years award!